We believe a satisfied customer is the absolute best advertising for any business. Rather than introducing our products to the marketplace through traditional advertising and retail outlets, we compensate our customers when they choose to become an Independent Brand Partner (IBP) and tell others about our products.

Celljetics has created a simple direct sales platform using cutting edge software technology with a very efficient distribution system.  Instead of spending wasteful time and money staffing employees and corporate management, our cloud technology allows us to be efficient and reduce the normal costs of doing business.  Our low-overhead business model allows us to provide a very lucrative rewards plan for our Independent Business Partners.

Celljetics is and always will be a field driven company, not a company driven company. We believe in and rely on our IBPs to drive the company sales and provide leadership support to the field.  Most other direct sales companies think they need to invest money in beautiful buildings and corporate management teams.

We believe the true heart and soul of any direct sales organization are the independent marketers. We believe in putting money into formulating the highest quality products that can make a difference in people’s lives. We also believe in helping our IBPs reach their financial goals using our business model.

Just a few of the benefits for our Brand Partners

✅ Wholesale pricing on all Celljetics products
✅ Replicated website to promote Celljetics products
✅ Back office to view your customers, orders and commissions
✅ Potential to earn through the Celljetics Compensation Plan

SIMPLE & EASY to become a Brand Partner

Just pay a one-time $25 $0.00 enrollment fee (no annual renewal fee) with the Brand Partner Enrollment Pack of your choice on the next page.

Join now with FREE ENROLLMENT.  Just click on GET STARTED and place your order for the product pack of your choice.

P.S.  Hurry, do it today. This special free enrollment offer could end at anytime.

Note:  This opportunity is only available in the USA at this time.

Want ALL the details on the compensation plan?
Watch the videos below

Video 1
Video 2

The Videos Below Are For Training Purposes Only

The video presentations below are for training purposes only to help our brand partners learn how the Celljetics compensation plan works.  There are several variables that are impossible to predict.

Such variables may include:

Structure:  The structure of the organization will be different for everyone.  It’s impossible to predict how many people you will have on each level, or the number of Gold or Platinum level team members in your organization as you reach higher levels in the plan.

New Brand Partners:  We can’t predict how many new brand partners are going to join your business or at what pay level for the Weekly Fast Start Bonus.

Retail Customers:  The Retail Commission will be different for everyone because it’s based on how many customers each brand partner has.  Some people will do more retail than others.

Average PV:  The average Personal Volume for each brand partner will be different for each person and their organization.  Some people and organizations will be better at teaching the value of the products and how to get more customers.  Our examples use 100 PV just to teach you how the plan works.

Video 3
Video 4
Video 5
Video 6
Video 7
Video 8
Video 9
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