Core Weight Wellness

$92.75 or $91.45 / month

(1) Protime Plus (30 servings)

✅  Premium Four-Protein Complex*
✅  Grass Fed Whey Concentrate / Isolate*
✅  BCAAs and Essential Amino Acids*
✅  MCT Oil and Digestive Enzymes*
✅  Brain Support Complex*

(1) Visceral+

✅  Simple & Easy – take 1 veggie capsule before you eat*
✅  Appetite Support – helps you feel full longer*
✅  Sweet Tooth – helps control cravings for sweets*
✅  Fats & Carbs – helps absorb less fat from foods*

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Visceral+ is a dietary supplement to be taken in conjunction with eating a healthy diet to help support appetite control and reduce abdominal fat accumulation.*

It’s simple and easy. Just take 1 veggie capsule 30 minutes prior to your two largest meals.

By adding Protime Plus, you will have 30 delicious 20g protein snacks to supplement your diet. Each scoop contains high quality grass fed whey proteins, milk proteins, prebiotics, digestive enzymes, plus natural nootropic ingredients to support your brain and body.*

“Since taking Celljetics, I sleep better and I’ve never dreamt this much in my life. The products also give me more stamina and energy to get through the day.” – Craig W.


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